Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The Louvre, in its successive architectural metamorphoses, has dominated central Paris since the late 12th century. Built on the city's western edge, the original structure was gradually engulfed as the city grew. The dark fortress of the early days was transformed into the modernized dwelling of François I and, later, the sumptuous palace of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Here we explore the history of this extraordinary edifice and of the museum that has occupied it since 1793.

With the story of Dan Brown, came alive a lot of forgotten museums, and old places, that is not the example of the Louvre, witch as been always on my mind to visit someday, I just remeber that once talking to an old friend I propose on spending the night there as they do with little kids here in Lisbon, in the Oceanario! A kind of a mistery night between all those master pieces.
there is a chain of hotels proposing to visit all the places described in the book!

I'm particulary proud today, because I witnessed the PH thesis of my cousin in nuclear physic!
He was so brilliant that I came out of the room feeling that he is going to be in the history of cientists

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