Monday, March 19, 2007

Somethings good in life...

photo by: moonlover

1. The love of my son.
2. A special look in the eyes.
3. Listening to our favorite song in the radio.
4. Stay in bed earing the rain outside.
5. Receive mail (it can be email)
6. A good conversation .
7. Hot shower in the cold Winter.
8. Friends.
9. Laught so much that face hurt.
11.A great concert.
12.Walk given hands with the one we love.
13.Watch someone's happiness opening the gift you just ofered.
14.Look a special cloud in the sky.
15.A foam bath.
16.Phone calls at midnight that go for hours.
17.A first kiss.
18.Make new friends and spend time with old ones.
19.Play with my cat.
20.Watch the moon.
21.Feel the morning smells.
22.Laught at ourselfs.
23.Go to the theater.
24.Walk by the sea.
25.feel the rain drops.
26.Watch the sunset.
27.See my flowers blooming.
28.A good movie.
30.Find a 20 euros note on my jacket pocket hanging since last winter;)

This are some of the things that make feel good, I would like to know some of yours...

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10 moonlovers:

Blogger Amor Eterno said...

\ Vim voando \ __
\ para te desejar uma \ | \
> Um ótima semana! >----------| \ ______
/ 1 B-Jãoooooooooo / *_____/**|_|_\____ |
/ °° ټ ټ °°˚ / \_______ --------- __>-}
/-------------------------/ / \_____|_____/ |
* |

Monday, March 19, 2007 12:56:00 am  
Blogger SentidoS said...

OLá Moon!

É sempre agradável sabermos, os gostos dos nossos amigos. Adorei o nº.30, achei imensa piada.

Beijo Sentido

Monday, March 19, 2007 1:27:00 pm  
Blogger Moonlover said...

que bom ter-te de volta :)
esqueceste de me dizer algumas das coisas que te sabem bem!;)
um beijo lunar

Monday, March 19, 2007 8:10:00 pm  
Blogger Moonlover said...

Amor Eterno, que bom teres voado até aqui,
uma semana fantastica para ti tb,
faltou dizeres o que faz sentir bem!
jokinhas doces.

Monday, March 19, 2007 8:20:00 pm  
Blogger Rafaela said...

•*´            ♡
... (““(``“´´)“)
  )   ¨¨  ¨¨(
 /    (6  6)“\\         Oi !!!Boa tarde!!!
 \\    ) ( 0 ) “/  ;@;    Vim trazer flores
,-´ ----- ‘=’ -´  ;@;@;   para alegrar
/   |    `o´ \\“ \\,(|)     e perfumar
(,,,,,)     o  |_`/|\\     o seu cantinho.
 /“====`(♥)’=|Otima semana!!!
|----“        |   ;@@;   ;@@;   ;@@;Beijos!!!!
|        /  /  ;@@@; ;@@@; ;@@@;Rafaela...
_______/__/     \\|/     \\|/     \\|/
(______)) _))    ((♥))   ((]♥))   ((♥))

Monday, March 19, 2007 8:26:00 pm  
Blogger Moonlover said...

olá Rafaela :)
bigada pelas flores,
um beijo e desejos de uma boa semana.

Monday, March 19, 2007 11:01:00 pm  
Blogger manolito said...

i´ll try to put things i really like..
first love.i couldnot live without love.
i like mornings..and sunnsets.
i love the sea.i like too much when it´s hard.but i love to bath in summertime when it´s quiet.
i like weekends when i am with my friends drinking something..
i love xmast time.only for lights and for my friends when them come back home.
i like small towns.i like to walk when there is few people in streets.
i love storms.i like when it is rainning,going out to feel the rain falling down.
there is a lot of things..i like your blog.and now.. i would like to have a cup of coffe with you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 10:27:00 pm  
Blogger Moonlover said...

thank you so much manolito ;)
this is what I was expecting coments to be!
to let me know your favorites things,
It's a deal when I go to Asturias we will have a cup of coffee,
all the best,

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 11:11:00 pm  
Blogger azzrael said...

1. Saber que onde quer que vá tenho familia que adoro e que me adora tal como sou e com quem posso contar ;)
2. Acabar um dia de trabalho com um sorriso nos lábios
3. Chooooooooooocooooolate!!!! =P
4. Passear na praia e olhar o mar...
muitas coisas boas para ti!!************

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 2:32:00 pm  
Blogger Moonlover said...

quando te apetecer passear na praia e olhar o mar, vem
podemos faze-lo juntas;)
um beijo.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 2:44:00 pm  

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