Thursday, March 09, 2006

International Women's Day2

Women's Day : A woman takes part in a rally marking the International Women's Day, in Mexico City. (AFP/Omar Torres)

This photo could represent the women from Equador
ECUADORIAN FLOWERS: COMPANIONS OF SADNESS -- Since October 16, 2003, that�s two years and five months ago, 52 workers of Rosas del Ecuador, in the zone of Cangahua, 1.5 hours from Quito, have been on strike. After several months without pay, the plantation owners� refusal to pay social security quotas, and his failure to fulfill agreements related to transportation and food, the workers exhausted the legal and mediation processes in an attempt to resolve the conflict. At that point, more than 80 workers and their families were left with only one option � they took over the farm on June 11 of that same year.
Olga Tutillo leads the ''Rosas del Equador'' surviving the pression of the big plantation oweners.

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